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I have created two how-to PDF files for building train layout features. These are free to anyone that requests them from me. If asked, I will email you a link to the PDF file. Click on the link I send you and the PDF will open in your browser. From the browser you can then save the file to your local disk. It may take a while to open in your browser as these are fairly large files.

TJsTrains – Building Concrete Mountains.pdf – File size 36 megabytes

100_2197Building Concrete Mountains is a how-to on creating scenery for your backyard train layout using a type of concrete called plastic cement and burlap, applied over a frame, which lets you create rocks, mountains, tunnels, and other very durable constructs.

This PDF is over 60 pages with 60 pictures and shows what I’ve learned about this technique from tools to painting.

TJsTrains – Building Trestles.pdf – File size 20 megabytes

building_trestle_curveEvery layout should have a trestle and this how-to shows how I build my trestles from cutting up the fence boards, creating the template for bents, building trackwork, through to staining and preserving the wood to last outside.

This PDF is nearly 40 pages and has 34 pictures.

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6 Responses to Request PDFs

  1. Jerry Ranger says:

    High Tj a couple of years ago I down loaded your PDF on concrete mountains. Well its taken a while to get going but I’ve made a start if you would like any pictures I could send them to you.

    • TJ Lee says:

      Jerry, I would love for you to send me some pictures of your progress with your concrete scenery project on your Garden Railroad. Please do send them! -TJ

  2. Carl Kokes says:


  3. Carl Kokes says:

    thanks for good information….. always looking for stuff

  4. Keith Owens says:

    I am new to G scale Garden Railways, and your site is like hitting the mother lode for me – so much to learn! (My wife does not like me reading your stuff as each time I come away with a new idea). Keep up the good work TJ.

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