Reader Layout–Bob C.

Bob C. downloaded the PDF article on building mountains in July as he was planning to build a replica of Disney’s Splash Mountain on this outdoor line. Having tried to emulate the look of Big Thunder Mountain for the mountains on my layout I looked forward to an update on Bob’s project.


Bob was unable to find plastic cement in his part of the country and substituted base stucco mix (premixed with sand) with great results as you can see here.

The mountain Bob constructed is wood framed covered with chicken wire.


Thanks for sharing, Bob!

(Originally posted 7/20/2014)

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Stabilize Covered Bridge

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A few months ago I create a piece of “yard art” depicting the impending wreck of the Soggy Bottom Express.

I did this using a section of trestle and a covered bridge that came from my recently dismantled backyard layout (necessitated by some house painting).

The covered bridge used to be located right up against the side of my house in a sheltered corner of the back yard and as such was not subjected to much weather (well, as much weather as we can claim here in California).

It soon became apparent that in it’s new front yard location the afternoon breezes (which had required the train cars be wired to the trestle) were going to rock the covered bridge back and forth and would eventually destroy the bridge. I need to reinforce the bridge.

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Yard Art Notes–Train Oriented Yard Art

Click to enlarge, use back button to returnLast spring I had the outside of my house painted. The only train related problem was that my layout in the back side yard ran right along the side of the house. (See Repainting the Cliffs of Insanity).

This proximity meant I had to tear down the layout.


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Reader Layout–Martin P.

Martin from the United Kingdom has had his layout going for 2 years.


His layout is primarily on a raised bed using brick walls and nicely integrates with water feature and garden plantings. The dinosaur in the back corner is my favorite feature.




Martin recently downloaded the PDF article on building trestles and is planning to build a trestle from western red cedar once he has purchased a table saw.

He also plans several new buildings for the layout. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the work as it progresses. Thanks for sharing, Martin!

(Originally posted 9/13/2013)

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