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Repainting the Cliffs of Insanity

Several years back I learned a nifty construction technique that let me leverage my years of experience as a Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader. Namely paper-mache which in Scouting is a necessary and basic skill. In Garden Railroading you … Continue reading

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Replace Sierra Gel Cell with NiMH Battery

Like many, many model railroaders I have an engine equipped with a Sierra sound system. These sound systems, now discontinued in Large Scale, work great, were very popular, and came with a 6-volt gel cell lead-acid battery that provided power … Continue reading

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Repairing Gears on a Bachmann Hand-Car

Some time back I acquired a Bachmann hand-car. A good reliable runner I spent some hours detailing the two cars applying a wood veneer, painting, and adding a number of props to make the hand-car more interesting. The figures are … Continue reading

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Refurbish Project – Sluice

One of the facts of life is that things need to be cleaned and maintained if you expect to get continued use out of them. Our train layouts, indoors or in the garden, are not exempt from this odious fact. … Continue reading

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