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A new post, or article, goes up on the site when and if I have anything I think is interesting enough for our readers. The main page lists a summary of each of the last 4 articles posted to the site. You can access the entire article by clicking on the title or on the “Continue reading…” link. All articles on the site are listed by category in the side bar of each page under the Categories section. The top ten most popular titles are listed on the right site under Top Ten Posts. Finally, you can click on the Article Index menu at the top of the page to see all the posts listed in roughly chronological order by the date last posted (occasionally a post will be update and re-posted).

The idea behind creating this site is to pull together all the various projects, information sites and how-to documents I’ve come across in the years I’ve been in the model railroad hobby (I started back on 2005).

My posts in the Build It Yourself category require a bit of explanation. I have an almost total lack of natural handyman building ability. That said, I’ve found that if you work at it, and don’t mind starting over a few times, it is a skill you can learn or a lack that you can at least overcome. But let me stress that none of what I say in any of the articles on this site is meant to imply that what I’m doing is the only way to do anything. It’s just the way I did it with the results you’ll see in the pictures in the articles.

It is also my sincere hope that the information contained herein may help and inspire others without a complete woodworking/metal shop (nor the know-how to use one) to screw their courage to the sticking place and undertake a similar project for themselves.

Why? Because it’s fun, frustrating, exciting, maddening, and when you finally stand back and admire your handy work it all seems worth it. Oh, and because it makes running your trains more fun.

I’m always interested in comments (good and bad) so feel free to post comments. If I’ve misstated the obvious or neglected to discuss something you think I should mention let me know. -TJ

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  1. Jeff says:

    Great site! I’d like to see more detail on the how to stuff. Especially on painting things like your tools, what colors to use and how to get the “used” look. Things like that.

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