Resource Video: repainting Bachmann Coach Cars by RailCandy

My friend Perry (who goes by the handle RailCandy on MLS), is a model railroader I met on the forums and has a great Web site for his layout the “The Plattsburgh & Poverty G-scale Railroad.” RailCandy is not only a handy modeler, he is also very good at shooting videos of his layout and modeling projects.

RailCandy was doing a project that he planned to video record and make available on his web site that involved how-to repaint a set of Bachmann coach cars. RailCandy had asked about the Super Clean technique to remove all decals and lettering on the coaches prior to painting them as he had come across my article on that topic (see Removing Lettering and Decals).

On RailCandy’s Web site he has posted three separate videos that cover the repainting project from start to finish. The quality and production values are great and RailCandy makes good use of camera angles and narrates each step as he is performing it.

Dissemble Bachmann coach cars

Chapter 1 is just over 16 minutes minutes long and covers a quick overview of what the entire project will cover then focuses on how to completely disassemble the standard Bachmann rail car (and I mean completely disassemble it).


Removing lettering from Bachmann coach cars

Chapter 2 is 25 and a half minutes long and covers the removal of all lettering and decals from the cars using Super Clean. The only two comments I’ll make is you may want to use an eye-dropper to wet the cotton and I recommend NOT getting any of the Super Clean chemical on your skin.

Painting and detailing Bachmann coach cars

Finally, Chapter 3 at just over an hour shows you how to mask and paint the cars. RailCandy does a two color paint job that comes out wonderful. The cars are masked, then a white primer is applied. The paint used is Krylon from spray cans and each step is shown in the video.

The cars are sprayed red, then RailCandy shows you how to mask everything but the trim areas which are then painted yellow. About half the video is painting and rest is reassembly and populating the seats in the passenger cars with figures. Major surgery is required to remove the legs of the figures so as to make them fit into the seats.

A great series of videos that show every aspect of this project. Great attention to detail and seeing how do actually do something can be a terrific help to those who have never done a project like this before.

You can access all three videos from the project page on RailCandy’s site:

Re-painting Bachmann Coach Cars – 2011:

Hope you enjoy! –TJ

(Originally posted 9/09/2011, revised 7/19/2013)

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