Layout Tour–Roy Ogle’s Garden Railroad

The owner and operator of my local hobby shop (LHS) is Roy Ogle. Roy has been instrumental in helping me progress in the large scale model train hobby. Roy is always forthcoming with good advice, a very well stock hobby shop, and has opened his prodigious junk parts box on more than one occasion when I went a-scavenging.

Roy had an opportunity to have a professional grade video made of his backyard layout. the video shown here is just a short 10 minute version but gives you the flavor of Roy’s layout. Buildings, water feature, garden, Roy (who has a background as a landscaper) has incorporated all the elements into an outstanding backyard railroad.

Tour Roy Ogle’s Backyard Railroad

Roy kitbashed or scratch-built most all the buildings in Oglesville and put in the water feature himself. When Roy expanded his mainline I built him 20 feet of trestle where the mainline curves around a huge bush and heads back to Oglesville.

Roy’s layout is a constant source of inspiration to me when working on my own layout and I hope you enjoy seeing it. Let me know what you think! –TJ

(Originally posted 5/27/2011, revised 3/22/2013)

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  1. Roy Ogle says:

    Tim, How ya doing? Thanks for re-posting the video of my backyard ggr. I might suggest you tell the folks that the store is closed, but many remaining items are for sale on my web site at great savings. I have got everything totally posted except for Thomas, Pine Car and RR Lanterns. I need to get busy and set up the backyard for the season. I’ve been so busy I’m not sure we are going to have a get together this spring. Maybe in the fall. Keep in touch. Cheers, Roy

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