Layout Tour–TJ’s Turtle Creek Railroad

Some time back I was introduced to live video broadcasting on the Web via a service called LiveStream. I saw how others were creating tours of their layouts and broadcasting them and how the broadcasts could be recorded. Using the free-with-Windows software program Windows Movie Maker I played around with creating a video (without the luxury of a video camera) to show my own backyard Garden Railroad.

Using still photos, music, and the various special effects available in Windows Movie Maker, I crafted a short video showing several of the features of my backyard layout, the Turtle Creek Railroad.

Tour of Turtle Creek Railroad

Having actual video would make this process a good deal easier and I hope to have better efforts to show as I now have a small Webbie video cam. I’m planning to redo my entire layout (who isn’t?) and hope to record the process in video.

Let me know what you think! –TJ

(Originally posted 5/13/2011, revised 2/22/2013)

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  1. OldTrainGuy says:

    Not bad for all still pictures. The effects make it look like an old newsreel.

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