George’s Technical Tips Page–George Schreyer that is!

Without doubt, one the greatest resources on the Internet for Large Scale modelers is the treasury of technical tips that have been put together by George Schreyer. George is knowledgeable, helpful, and has invested hours and hours making his knowledge available to others via his Web site.


George has invaluable information on Aristo locomotives including SD45, the Doodlebug, the Center Cab switcher, FA-1, and many others. Also tips on the Snow Plow, Heavyweight Passenger cars, and Streamliner Passenger cars.


As I run Bachmann locomotives I have haunted George’s site a lot. After getting a Bachmann Hand Car and spending no small amount of time detailing, weathering, and painting the set, I was devastated when it suddenly stopped running. George’s site to the rescue with a page all about the issues with this novelty product. If you are a Shay or Climax owner you will want to bookmark pages on George’s site. George covers the Trolley, Heisler, and the venerable Big Hauler.


You’ll find great information on the Lehmann Porter, the Mars Flyer, 0-4-0, powered tender, and Plymouth Switcher.

Other tips pages include the Lionel Handcar, Lionel’s versions of Thomas and James engines, USA Speeder and caboose tips, and others.


Most all of George’s advice is from first hand experience and is not limited to just locos and rolling stock. You’ll find great information and tips on a plethora of topics:

  • Tips on surging problems, wheel resistance, traction, knucklers, smoke, repairs (some really helpful stuff here);
  • Power tips from track power to battery/radio control, DCC, decoders, sound systems (Bachmann, Phoenix, Soundtraxx, Dallee, QSI, Digitrax, ESU, speakers tips;
  • Track selection, ballast tips, soldering, cleaning, turnouts;
  • Tools, adhesives, airbrushing, JigStones, WonderBoard, and indoor scenery tips;
  • Lighting, digital cameras, on board video tips;

This site is one for bookmarking as you’ll be coming back again and again.

George’s Technical Tips Page

(Originally posted 05/20/2011, revised 07/27/2012)

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