Another H-L-W Log Car Kitbash

Click to enlarge, use back button to returnHartland Locomotive Works have a number of great pieces of rolling stock in their Mini Series. Gondolas, ore, log, and tank cars. The log car makes a great staring point to a number of fun and simple projects.

See Kitbashing a H-L-W Log Car into a Gondola for the first article in this series.

Click to enlarge, use back button to returnThis project started out as another flat car or perhaps another gondola. But as I was cutting the ends for one of the wooden posts I got to thinking I could make the post any length so why not a little maintenance of way car with a ramshackle office on it.


I used jumbo craft sticks from Michaels Crafts to plank the plastic floor and edges of the car itself then used basswood as the posts, varying the post height as shown.

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I did not use any plan, just cut and glued (white glue) scrap wood into the frame I wanted allowing for a window on each side of the car and a door in the center of the end wall.

Working without a plan requires a good sense of humor and the willingness to start over from time to time. Just try to keep the walls square and perpendicular.

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The roof is made from several pieces cut from the bottom of a one of those cheapie throw away aluminum serving trays you can get at any supermarket.

The pieces were then run through a paper crimper that you can find in the scrapbook section of any good craft store like Michaels Crafts.

Once crimped they were just glued to the top using E6000 glue. E6000 is an excellent glue for attaching dissimilar types of materials together.

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Weathering was accomplished using ink, alcohol, and tea and then tinted with dilute acrylic paint.

Details make any kitbash project better so some old jewelry chain on the end posts and a few pieces from a Bachmann tool accessory set jazz the car up a bit.


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A cook stove chimney was fashioned from some styrene tubing and painted with acrylic hobby paint.

Foot stirrups and link and pin coupler from Ozark Miniatures to finish and it’s done!



Please share your modeling experiences by leaving a comment below. –TJ

(Originally posted 4/01/2011, revised 1/27/2012)

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