Site Maintenance Progress

Faithful viewers… the migration to GScale.Net (thanks Tom!) is complete but has required some maintenance and updating. This post will recap the fixes and changes over the next few days for those interested.


  • The Contact TJ page has been fixed and updated and appears to now be sending email to TJ without error.
  • The About the Site page has been updated with some long overdue text changes. Nothing to see here.
  • The Request PDF page has been fixed and appears in my testing to be working correctly. Sorry that this has been broken for a few days.
  • The Resource Links page has been updated.
  • Check all posts and remove text strings for some of the old  ads. I think I got them all but need to spot check some more.


  • There may still be some bad links as these things happen on the Web over time. I’ll keep looking for them. If you find one let me know.
  • If you see anything that is not working right or needs correction please use the Contact TJ page or leave a Comment to this post and let me know about it.

Thanks! – TJ

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