Site — NOT — Going Down on March 31, 2016

Lamenting the lack of interest on my part and apparently on viewers of the site, along with the costs of hosting, I had planned that when the contract with JustHost ran out at the end of March to let the site go offline.

Well, in the last two weeks I’ve heard from more site viewers than I had in the last two years and everyone asked me to reconsider closing TJsTrains.

One such viewer, Tom, offered to host the site on his server and the site transfer was completed by Tom yesterday and I am glad to say that the site will remain and will be hosted courtesy of See link and logo below the Top 10 Posts.

I really appreciate all the kind words I’ve received and I really cannot thank Tom enough for allowing the site to continue.

So now, I guess it’s on me to get some new content up on the site. If you have a garden railroad please feel free to send me a picture, especially if you have utilized the mountain building and trestle construction PDFs from the site so I can feature reader layouts from time to time. -Thanks!

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4 Responses to Site — NOT — Going Down on March 31, 2016

  1. Stewart Harris says:

    Sorry to hear, just discovered your site and was going through it. Great resource. Was going to bookmark it. I hope you have a change of heart. If not I want you to know I enjoyed your site and your tips and tricks.

  2. Brenda Bartz says:

    I hope you keep your site up, I just found it. Maybe get the word out there more, you have great information here to share.

  3. Deb Rees says:

    Just found out about your site and it looks like a great one. My husband and I would love to read your blog. I know that is just one opinion, but I bet others would too if they knew about it.

    We have a garden railroad in IL.

  4. PachangaDad says:

    Just was told about your site from Facebook. Hope you think about keeping it up. Any chance of passing it and content? It would be ashame to loose the info.

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