Reader Layout – Mick in Australia

2012-06-01-mick-trestle 15Mick from down under is currently working on the construction of an extended section of his backyard raised layout. Coming off a wooden trust bridge, this line will traverse a gentle curve on a long raised steel girder bridge.


Note the very effective, and interesting, use of red brick for the end abutment and as the support under the first girder tower. I like the look and color that adds.

Once completed Mick will be starting on a concrete mountain as a divider between two sets of tracks for his layout. Like me, Mick favors the “make it up as you go along” school of project planning.

Let me know what new features you’re doing, or what features you’ve already done, on your layout!  Send a picture and it may get posted here on the site. – TJ

(Originally posted 06/15/2012)

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