Using a Dremel Rotary Tool

1-dremelLike a lot of part time modelers I’ve purchased a lot of tools. I’m a bit embarrassed to say sometimes without really knowing how to use same. One of the more expensive ones being the Dremel rotary tool.


It’s a nifty tool and the set I bought came with a bunch of attachments and wheels and drums and stuff. Stuff that I hadn’t the foggiest idea as to what they were or what they were for. Trial and error did not get me very far and for a long time it gathered dust on the shelf.

But in reading the current issue of Garden Railway magazine I saw a note about a free DVD you can get from Dremel that, among a lot of other things, has information on what bit to use for what chore and examples of projects you can do with this tool.


The DVD submenu shown here will give you some idea of the information that is provided on this free DVD.

Know that Dremel uses this disc to cover not only the rotary tool but everything else in their product line.



There are a goodly number of craft and hobby type projects discussed (albeit each one rather briefly). The list shown to the right is only one of several pages of topics.




There are a goodly number of what they refer to as “Around the House” type projects.

They give you the part numbers bits for the different tasks they show in the videos.



Each video is well down with very high production values, as you would expect. I found those specific to the rotary tool to be very informative and I feel better about my purchase of this tool.



I don’t know how long Dremel is going to offer these free DVDs so you might want to stop by there site and fill out their request form. They mail you the DVD.

Click here for the request form page, or go by and search for “free dvd”.

Let me know what you think! – TJ

(Originally posted 6/1/2012)

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