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1-newshelvesLike many large scale modelers, I keep a number of train engines and pieces of rolling stock on shelves in my craft room.

The problem is that (also like many large scale modelers) weeks or months can slip by without any work being done in the craft room.

Things on the shelf get dusty. So I started throwing whatever was handy over whatever I had on my train shelves. Plastic packing wrap, paper towels, whatever was at hand. And whatever was at hand was always too big or too small.

What I needed was a cheap material that would cover what was stored on the shelf, keep the dust off, but allow me to see what item was stored where so I could quickly get to the piece I wanted to work on when I had some time to work on it.


Starting at the beginning… when my daughter left for college I suddenly had a craft room and I soon needed shelves to store train engines or rolling stock that I had finished working on and wanted to store, or that I was planning to work on. Soon. Honest.

I found Allen Roth shelving at the local Lowes big box store. These are 4 feet long and you can easily put 3 rows of track for 12 feet of potential storage per shelf.


A shelf costs around 40 bucks and you can add additional shelves as you need them. So far I’m up to three shelves in my craft room.


I had just added another shelf module and my better half was surveying my handy-work and commented on the hodgepodge of different materials I was using as dust covers.




As you can see here I have a piece of packaging plastic covering a Bachmann Annie (10 wheeler). It’s too short to cover the tender. There are some paper towels, notebook paper, whatever I had laying around. Looked bad, and did not keep the dust off very well.




A trip to my local fabric store revealed a semi-clear plastic material that was durable and cheap. The material roll is 4 feet in length and 2 yards cost less than $4.




Draping the fabric over what I want to cover and some marks with a pencil and a quick snip with the scissors and I managed to create some custom sized covers.




Since the covers are cut to each thing I have on the shelf I marked each cover with a felt marker as to what it covered.




Soon I had all my shelf items covered and the approval of my better half.

I use the Bachmann track that comes with their starter sets (the hollow core silver stuff, not the new brass track they have come out with). Three rows of track fit nicely on each of the Allen Roth shelving modules.


The Bachmann silver track is cheap, and I had a stack of it from two starter sets. You can also use the cheap plastic track from New Bright or Scientific Toys that you come across from time to time for shelf storage.

Let me know what you do for storage! -TJ

(Originally posted 12/14/2011)

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    Daughter leaves, craft room materializes.

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