MyLargeScale Archives and Mike Reilley’s PDFs

As I have mentioned, is one of the best support and information sites around for anyone running G gauge model trains. A great selection of forums and wonderful folks always willing to help with any train/hobby related question. And it has been around a long time which brings us to today’s topic.

Because has been around a long time there have been many wonderful threads and posts to the various forums making it a goldmine of readily available information for both newbies and old hands to the hobby. But for the same reason there have been some major upgrades to the forum software along the way.

Some time back the forum underwent a major upgrade and essentially created a new set of forums. All the old posts were left available in an archive of the old forum software. Recently that old software was removed and the archives discontinued. A potentially sad, sad, day given all the old information that might have been lost. But enter Mike Reilley! Mike, being the nice, helpful, guy he is, took it upon himself to wade though all the old posts before they were lost forever and create PDFs of many of the classic threads.  Mike has posted these threads on his MLS site space and these files (and others) are there for the downloading.

Here are just a few of the available files:

Battery RC

Battery RC and Sierra in Bachmann Shay

Battery RC in a Mogul

Battery RC in an Annie (2)

Battery RC into a Heisler

Battery RC into a USAT GP-9

Building Log Articles

Alan Cash Freelancing A Mallet

Andy Knies Snow Plow Log

Don Gage’s Shay


Fletchs 2-6-0 building log

Joats building a 10 wheeler from an Annie

Joats Hopper

Jon’s Blacksmith Car challenge log


Mountainmans Caboose Log

Paul Youngs Tender Challenge Log

Peter Bunce’s car log

Rockys 4-8-2 Mountain – build log

Tim Knies Boxcar Building Log

Tim Knies Tresstle Building log

Wayne Spence Flatcar drawings


Building a House

Cabinet Shop Building Primer

Dawgnabbits Freight Barn Building Log

Matheson Textiles by Bruce Chandler

Rooming House by Sheepdog

Engine Bashes

4-4-0 from an Annie

Cash BM Railtruck bash

Detailed and Weathered Heisler Richard Schmitt

Jack Thompson C20 Super Connie

Shay Rebuild

Tools (for modeling)

Dawgnabbits sawmill

Rail spacing tool

Tubing bender

You can find these and more either by clicking on the links above or by going here:

and looking around. Thank and hats off to Mike!

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