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100_3005My first Large Scale purchase was one of the Sam’s Club sets that came with Bachmann 4-6-0 Anniversary Edition engines. Later I added a Bachmann Shay and another Bachmann Annie. My latest acquisition is a first generation Climax.


So at present I am only running Bachmann locomotives. I find that the Bachmann offerings provide the best features/price point for me.

I have all the manuals and videos (VHS and DVD) that came with the aforementioned engines and if pressed I could probably find them (given enough time). But from the questions I’ve seen on MyLargeScale and on the Bachmann web sites a lot of people have purchased Bachmann engines  and do not have the instructional videos that originally came with them.

Not to worry!

Bachmann has made a number of the videos and engine diagrams available online.

Anniversary 4-6-0 10-Wheeler Part 1 – Features


Anniversary 4-6-0 10-Wheeler Part 2 – Lubrication 


Spectrum Climax Part 1 – Features


Spectrum Climax Part 2 – Lubrication


Spectrum 2-Truck Shay Part 1 – Features


Spectrum 2-Truck Shay Part 2 – Lubrication


Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation Part 1 – Features


Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation Part 2 – Lubrication


Spectrum 4-4-0 American Part 1 – Features


Spectrum 4-4-0 American Part 2 – History


Spectrum 4-4-0 American Part 3 – Lubrication



On the Bachmann site you can find a number of diagrams that have been posted:

Let me know what Bachmann resources you’ve found on the Internet! –TJ

(Originally posted 10/21/2011)

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