Portable Testing Track

Like many of us in the Large Scale model train hobby I have learned that there is never enough room. My craft table has no room for crafts, the workbench in the garage is cluttered with this and that, if I bring in something new, I’ve got to toss something old and on and on.

1-AristoRollerSo when I purchased a set of rollers to make a testing track the issue of where I was going to put it, and how I would keep all the pieces together was no small matter.




Here’s what I did…


The solution was to build a portable track that could be hung on a hook on the wall, or propped up against the wall or in a corner.






2B-portabletrackI took a 2 foot length of Aristocraft track and mounted it on a length of plywood I had left over from another project. Some white paint. A 2 foot piece of track. A couple of nails and the track was secure.




3-BachmannPowerSupplyHaving purchased a couple of Bachmann sets over the years I had a couple of Bachmann power supplies in my parts drawer. Some eye-hooks and wire and the power supply was mounted on one end.




The Bachmann track connectors really only work correctly with Bachmann track so I used an LGB connector to run power from the power supply to the track.




The problem was that while the rollers were easy to sit on the track, I wanted to make the rollers an integral part of the test track so I did not have other parts to keep track of. I needed to attach the rollers in such a manner that they were adjustable and could be moved to accommodate the type of engine I was testing.


6-runningShayThe solution was very low tech. Two pieces of sturdy string tied to the track in an X made a nice way to both secure the rollers to the track and yet allow enough movement to be able to adjust the positioning of the rollers between the truck layouts of my Shay, my Climax, and my ten-wheelers.


I’d be interested to hear how you maintain your test track. –TJ

(Originally posted 7/10/2011, revised 7/26/2013)


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